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  • Welcome to Chasing Red Flags where "being REAL outshines being perfect."

  • 10% of all profits will be donated to mental health organizations.

Let's Get Real with Teri & Ella

Welcome to The Chasing Red Flags Podcast: Let's get REAL. You're officially part of the family now! In today's episode, we peel back the layers and give you an idea of who we truly are! We share our personal red flags and what we hope to build through this podcast. Join us as we reveal our flaws, biggest regrets, approaches to self-care, best and worst experiences in high school, and much more. This is more than just getting to know us—it's starting a conversation that encourages everyone to embrace their true selves. Tune in as we kick off this journey of self-discovery and honest conversation.

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The Chasing Red Flags Podcast is produced by Jay Del Turco.

Cover Photo by: SLY photography, Samantha Yanofsky

This podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes based on our lived experiences. It is not a substitute for the advice from a qualified professional.

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